AFN aspires, enable and collaborate along with its members and partners to build ACCESS for four pillars identified by its constituents to make ASEAN a vibrant fintech hub.

AFN - Pillars of ACCESS


The speed of innovation means both students and workers lack the skills to operate in this new environment. The forum will address how to better train new workers in school, as well as re-skill existing workers.


Fintech startups require a lot of capital, which can sometimes be difficult to get. The forum will find out how to improve startup access to the capital they need at each stage of their life cycle.


In order to succeed, Fintech startups eventually have to expand into global markets. Money20/20 and regional Fintech associations will capitalize on their experience, and discuss how best to give startups access to these markets.


ASEAN lacks access to deep technological skills, such as those found in Silicon Valley. These skills are critical if startups want to succeed globally, thus regional associations will consider ways to give startups greater access to such technological know-how.

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